Team Construction Architecture Design Engineering Montreal - Dargis

Daniel Dargis
Engineer, MSc.
Mr. Daniel Dargis is a Canadian engineer, who has graduated from UQTR, the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, and founding president of Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. since 1989. He has more than 30 years experience in construction of all types: residential, commercial, industrial and in wood frame buildings. The Company is based in Montreal and often do plans of home extensions, calculation of beams and columns, the impartial inspection of foundations, cracks and brings solutions to the problems of all kinds of building structures. He is member of the board of the ICRI International Concrete Repair Institute Quebec Chapter and he followed courses of improvement regarding concrete repairs. Mr. Dargis is also one of the few engineer to be also compagnon master carpenter by trade in Quebec, because he has initiated his career working as carpenter in the years 80`s for the family construction company, under the supervision of his father, famous general contractor 1955-90. Mr. Dargis has also completed a Master’s Degree in Commerce and Business Management at the University of Alicante in Spain in 1995. Thereafter he pursued studies in Ukraine and Russia. Until today he has successfully led several construction and renovation projects and he has managed residential, commercial and modular projects in Trois-Rivières, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, in Manitoba and in Ontario. He has also been a consultant for Canadian projects in Russia and Spain.

In his view, continuing education is important. He frequently attends proficiency courses related to the field of construction and real-estate investment: techniques, management, laws and regulations and on renewable energy. He has been able to bring together a team of experts to help companies and business people from outside Montreal to settle in Montreal and increase their market share in the areas of construction and real-estate investments. His goal goes beyond simply informing, guiding and implement business contacts. Mr. Daniel Dargis, Eng. M.Sc., and his team bring practical, simple and affordable basic solutions by providing the: marketing, licenses and warranties for new buildings and conversion of buildings, certification that the equipment installations meet local standards, tools and equipment, experience in business management, project management, site and factory management, real-estate marketing and assembling of projects. Do not hesitate to contact him.
Team Construction Architecture Design Engineering Montreal - Dargis

Boubekeur Habib
Consultant in architecture
After graduating in architecture in Algeria, Boubekeur Habib began his career in 1997 as a trainee in an architecture firm before joining a centre of urban studies in 1999 where he was given responsibility for several projects in Algeria (territorial occupation plans, allotments and parceling). In 2001, he created a Professional Civil Society of Architects acting as joint manager and responsible for projects. In 2005, he founded his own firm and he widened his fields of competences: design and modeling of projects, coordination and supervision of the works, assistance to the customers in their choices. He realized several residential, commercial, institutional, sports, and administrative projects. During his twelve years of experience, he has taken advanced courses in computer-aided design and interior decoration.

On his arrival in Quebec, and to adapt his training and his competences to the technical context and local regulations, he completed his training in Architecture and Construction of Buildings at Cégep André Laurendeau in Montreal. Contributing to the development of real-estate projects, he is in charge of the design and of modeling and is particularly interested in environmental projects. Boubekeur speaks English, French, Arabic and Berber.
charles gregoire architectural consultant and design

Charles Gregoire
Project coordinator
Architectural consultant
Charles Gregoire is a student at the McGill University School of Architecture. He maintains a close proximity between his work environment and his studies which in turn grant him knowledge of the latest digital representation technologies.

He assisted his McGill professor in his research about innovative sustainable housing. His experience left him with a pragmatic view on the integration of “green” technologies in contemporary architecture. He specializes in high-precision 3D modelling and parametric design. At Construction Daniel Dargis Inc., Charles is also expanding his knowledge of construction techniques while perfecting his project management abilities.

Now, as an intern for Construction Daniel Dargis Inc., Charles looks to reinforce his knowledge in construction and strengthen his project management skills. His responsibilities are: to take on-site measurements for roof terraces, bathrooms, house additions and new house designs. He designs the projects in 2D and 3D on computer, presents them to the clients and puts the company’s portfolio together. He also does AutoCad and SketchUp training for new interns. Charles is fluent in English and French.
farah fawzi architectural consultant and design

Farah Fawzi
Project coordinator
Architectural consultant
Farah graduated in Architecture from University of Damascus- Syria in 2006 and obtained a master’s degree in restoration and renovation of ancient and historical buildings and sites from l’École de Chaillot - Paris in 2009.

She started her career working in a leading architectural & engineering consultant firm in architectural design drawings, Interior design, site analysis, modeling “visual/ physical”.

In 2009 she joined an international real estate development company and had the chance to participate in a mega real estate, commercial and business complex in Damas worth $1.5 billion. She was responsible of planning studies, architectural design, feasibility studies, coordination, and researches.

Moreover she has a wide experience of up to date computer-aided design skills with AutoCAD, Sketch-up, Photoshop and 3D Max.

On arrival to Montreal, she joined the group Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. as a consultant architect where she is responsible of architectural design and renovations for residential buildings, customer relations, preparing visuals/ renders, coordination, material specifications and feasibility studies. She supervises the work of several civil engineering and architecture technicians for plan drafting. Farah speaks English, French and Arabic.
gretha acosta civil engineering consultant

Gretha Acosta eng. jr.
Project manager
Civil engineering consultant
Gretha is a civil engineering graduate from the Polytechnic University of Armed Forces in Venezuela. Grethat Acosta has worked, between 2007 and 2012, for Impregilo S.p.A and Consortium line II (Odebrecht – Vinccler) on 2 major projects in cost estimation for construction, renovation and reinforced concrete and steel frame maintenance for residential, commercial and administrative buildings.

She became a member of l’Ordre des Ingénieur du Québec in January 2014 and in order to update her IT skills, she took classes in computer assisted 2D and 3D design and its application in the civil engineering field.

Gretha acts as a consultant for Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. Her main tasks are drawing residential buildings on Autocad and SketchUp, participating in the drafting of building inspection technical rapports and acting as a liaison between the company, the clients and other organisations. She teams up with architecture and design consultants for the drawing of building projects such as: new house plans, house additions and basement design. Gretha speaks English, French and Spanish.
carlos garcia alayon civil engineering consultant

Carlos Garcia Alayon eng. jr.
Project manager
Structural engineering consultant
Mr. Carlos Garcia Alayon is a junior civil engineer who graduated in Venezuela in 2007 at the Polytechnic University of the Armed Forces. He acts as a structural consultant at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc.

He completed a certificate at the Polytechnic School of Montreal, emphasized on the calculation and modeling of steel, reinforced concrete and wood structures.

Carlos has worked on a variety of construction projects, such as public property and residential buildings. His tasks include: making field visits to determine the extent of work to be done, inspecting buildings, designing and reviewing structures, drafting technical rapports, drawing plans on Autocad and Sketch Up, ensuring the compliance with the standards and technical specifications, quality control of works and management of technical personnel. Carlos speaks English, French and Spanish.
benjamin herman energy efficiency consultant

Benjamin Herman
Energy efficiency consultant
Mechanical engineering consultant
Benjamin Herman is currently studying mechanical engineering at McGill University and is expected to graduate in December 2014.

In the summer of 2012, Benjamin worked as an intern at a large engineering procurement construction management (EPCM) company. From fall 2013 to spring 2014, he participated and led a team of student engineers on an industrial design project in which the team solved several engineering problems for an expanded polystyrene company. In summer 2014, he began working as an intern at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc., acting as the Energy Efficiency Engineer.

Since June 2014, he has worked as an intern for Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. for whom he performed research and wrote articles on energy efficiency measures in homes before starting an energy efficiency home inspection service collaborating alongside Daniel Dargis, Eng. Benjamin speaks English and French.
kelvin reyes civil engineering consultant

Kelvin Reyes eng. jr.
Project manager
Civil engineering consultant
Kelvin Reyes is a graduate in civil engineering from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo since 2003. As soon as he finished university, he participated on construction projects for residential houses, condos multi-story buildings as well as commercial and industrial buildings with wood, steel and concrete structures.

Kelvin did a full time training over a 1 year span at l’École Polytechnique de Montreal to be able to work as an Engineer in Quebec. At the moment, he is a junior engineer of l’Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec.

Kelvin Reyes works as an engineering consultant expert in concrete and steel structure calculation. He is very much at ease with structural modeling, drawing and design software that are used in the Quebec and Canadian industry with the norms that are in place. He is perfectly fluent in French, English and Spanish and also manages relations with clients and contractors, drafts building inspection rapports related to engineering, does plan designs in collaboration with the Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. architect team. Kelvin is fluent in English, French and Spanish.
denys medichi civil engineering consultant

Denys Medichi eng. jr.
Project manager
Civil engineering consultant
As a civil engineering graduate from Ukraine, Denys Medichi started his career in 2005 as a bar and wine cellar designer for restaurants and private houses. In 2006, he was invited as an engineering consultant by a construction company that works private residential projects. From 2008 to 2012, thanks to his ability to analyse, manage and organize, he gets a project manager position. During that time span, Denys Medichi has worked on many construction projects and renovation projects on private buildings as project manager.

When he arrived in Quebec, he continued perfecting his knowledge in the construction industry by getting a certificate for graduate engineers at the Polytechnic de Montréal. In 2014, Denys Medichi became a junior engineer of the O.I.Q. He masters software such as Autocad and Sketchup that help him easily do 2D and 3D modeling projects. His priorities are competencies, sharpness, and fast results all that while respecting the building code CBN, the standards and customer satisfaction.

For Construction Daniel Dargis Inc., Denys Medichi does the preliminary works on projects, such as: taking measurements of the structure and surveying buildings, drafting rapports intended for cost estimation, coordinating with special and general contractors. He also takes care of the communicating with customers in order to present to them project estimates, drafting of technical drawings and plans on AutoCAD and 3D modeling on SketchUp. Denys speaks in English, French, Russian and Ukrainian.
fabrice dongmo civil engineering consultant

Fabrice Dongmo eng. jr.
Project manager
Civil engineering consultant
Holder of bachelor's degree in civil engineering at the Polytechnic School of Montreal, Fabrice Dongmo is also a member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec since 2013. With a great background in the field of project management and geotechnical projects, he began his career as an intern in material quality control in a construction firm located in western Montreal. Thereafter he did two other internships while specializing in construction project management.

He has also worked in many research projects in the field of building materials at the Polytechnic School in Montreal. In addition, his experience in the world of construction has allowed him to improve his skills in the areas of monitoring work, the quality control of materials, drafting of plans and specifications, or building permit standards. Excellence in communication with customers, respect of deadlines and strong teamwork are quality guidelines for Fabrice. Fabrice is fluent in French and English.
hose dipand civil engineering consultant

Hosé Dipand
Civil engineering technician
Internship student
Hosé Dipand is a student at Dawson College in civil engineering technology. His experience at Dawson College has allowed him to study and put in practice the different aspects related to building construction such as: design software like Autocad and SAFI, calculation and design for wood and steel structures, residential building inspections, city water system and energy efficiency calculations.

Currently, Hosé Dipand acts as a civil engineering technician for the company. His main responsibilities are to assist junior engineers in drafting technical rapports and in designing AutoCad plans, to assist architects in doing 3D modeling on SketchUp and to teach AutoCad to new interns who are not familiar with the software. Also, thanks to his bilingual skills, he translates French text to English. He does this for articles used in the discussion group for the company website, for technical rapports and for other texts that need to be translated.

In the future, he plans on doing a bachelor's in civil engineering at the University of Concordia with a project management option. Hosé is fluent in English and French.
stephane sterlin civil engineering consultant

Stephane Sterlin
Civil engineering consultant
Internship student
Stephane Sterlin is a civil engineer student at the University of Moncton in New Brunswick. His perseverance in his studies as well as his application earned him an academic award in 2009 and an extra certificate in Autocad. He worked in collaboration with a teacher in the residential construction industry.

Today, he is doing an internship with the construction and engineering company: Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. and works in the following departments : Administration, building drafting and communication . He speaks perfectly English, French and Creole and has some knowledge of Spanish.

Always ready for challenges, he offers his services in engineering while showing professionalism integrity and a drive towards perfection and success. Stephane speaks English, French, Creole and Spanish.
gelanaz hemati architectural consultant

Gelanaz Hemati
Consultant in architecture
Gelanaz graduated with a Master’s degree in Architecture at the University of Iran-Tehran in 2003. She has 11 years of experience in architectural design and execution.

In Iran, Gelanaz was a member of the board of Godar Tosee as design manager, supervisor and co-worker in execution of projects from 2006 to 2014. She is very experienced in interior design and renovation of commercial centres, residential and administrative buildings to the size of 100,000 m2. She also gave university courses in architecture for 7 years.

Upon arrival in Montreal, Gelanaz joined the Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. team as a consultant in architecture. Her main responsibilities include: drawing residential buildings on AutoCAD and SketchUp, visiting the building sites, writing reports and giving presentations on PowerPoint.

Gelanaz will develop her skills in architecture and also plans to pursue a MBA degree in order to improve her management skills. Gelenaz speaks English, French and Persian.
ana vekic consultant in civil engineering

Ana Vekic eng. jr.
Project manager
Civil engineering consultant
Ana Vekic is a Civil Engineering graduate from the University of British Columbia, specialized in both Structural Engineering and Construction Management. Through her educational background and previous work experience in various engineering firms, Ana has gained excellent knowledge in design, analysis, detailing and experience modeling various structures.

While working as a Detailer, Ana has applied her knowledge of AutoCAD, understanding of structural behaviour and the construction process in order to prepare highly detailed drawings and also ensure that the steel design is safe, economical and efficient.

Currently, Ana is applying her technical background at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. as an engineering intern. She is applying her technical background in Structural Engineering and knowledge of AutoCAD to new and already built projects. Ana is fluent in English, French and Serbian.
meriam alkamali consultant in civil engineering

Meriam Alkamali eng. jr.
Project manager
Building engineering consultant
Meriam Alkamali is a perfectly bilingual junior building engineer and a member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec since 2012. She is specialized in building science, structural design, wood-framed structures and HVAC building systems. Right after finishing her undergraduate studies at Concordia University, she participated in the management of a residential construction project with Habitat for Humanity in Montreal. In 2013, she continued to develop her skills and earned an Associate Certificate in Project Management (CAPM).

As an intern at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc., Meriam Alkamali currently prepares architectural and mechanical plans and specifications on AutoCAD and seeks to make the most of her expertise in building inspection and estimation of residential construction, technical reports writing and 3D design using SketchUp. Client-service and result oriented, she is always up for new challenges in construction engineering. Meriam speaks English, French and Arabic.
hakim djahed accountant

Hakim Djahed
Hakim DJAHED graduated in finance and accounting in 2007 from University of Bejaia in Algeria. He started his career as an accounting technician where he was in charge of accounts monitoring and the stock management on site. His performance allowed him to reach the position of the accounting framework of his company. He knows well the accounting software “Acomba” and “Simple Accounting”. In 2013, he received his Attestation of College Studies (AEC) in accounting from CEGEP André-Laurendeau where he finished top of his class.

Presently, he works as an expert accounting at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. where he is in charge of bookkeeping, tax declaration, recognition of revenue and expenses by project, and preparation of financial statements using accounting software “Dynacom” and “Excel”.

In the future, he plans to do a Bachelor in order to join the Professional Order of Accountants of Quebec. Hakim speaks French and Arabic.
hassan toumi accountant

Hassan Toumi
Consultant in accounting
Hassan TOUMI has studied economics at the University of Casablanca in Morocco where he obtained his degree in accounting, management, and finance in 1994. In parallel, he graduated from The Higher Technological Institute of Casablanca as a specialized accounting technician. He began his career as an accountant in the accounting firm B.F.C. His skills allowed him to become the chief accountant of different projects in a company. He mastered the accounting software like Sage, Simply Accounting, and Acomba. In 2014, he successfully completed his college certificate (AEC) in accounting at the Rosemont College.

Currently, he works as an accountant consultant at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc., where he is responsible for the audit of books of accounts, accounting for income and expenditure by project, the tax reporting, the preparation of financial statements using accounting software “Dynacom” and “Excel” as well as maintaining relationships with senior accountants.

Soon he plans to complete his bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance to pursue his career. Hassan speaks French and Arabic.

Team Collaborators

Approved appraisers
Sébastien Gariépy / Sylvain Savignac

The company DEVIMO Inc is a firm of appraisers and expert consultants in real estate, carrying out mandates of evaluation mainly relating to existing buildings or about to be built, of a residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural type.

Supplier of Solutions
Serge Côté VP MobilFab

Dedicated since 2006 to its customers. Mobilfab has been able to accompany and assist its clients in order to fill the growing needs in the field of the Modular. Regardless of the geographical location or the complexity of the requests. It looks like the answers are coming from Mobilfab!

Energy Solutions
Patrick Savoy Dir. of sales

We are a company offering diversified solutions of renewable energy since 1985. If you are thinking about using solar, wind, or hydroelectric energy for your residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural needs, you are on the good way!

Jonathan Boucher Architect
Architect M.Sc.
Jonathan Boucher

Mr. Jonathan Boucher is an architect, who holds a Master’s degree in Architecture and another one in Science with an international profile. He owns his own firm of architecture. He is a also a professor at the CEGEP of Trois-Rivières, which enables him to keep up to date with the latest progress in matters of construction and to offer to his customers a service of the highest technological quality.

Inspections Jean Juneau
Building Inspections
Jean Juneau

Inspections Juneau specializes in the inspection of residential and commercial construction of the pre-purchase or pre-sale type. We hold an insurance against error and omission as well as a third-party insurance, because that provides an additional protection for our clients.

Interior Stylist
Pascal Girouard

Pascal gets inspired by various trends and favors mixing materials, furniture, tissues and objects from different historical eras in order to lay them out in contemporary settings all of them more interesting and inspiring than the others. Moreover, all of the great magazines on decoration have published several of his projects.