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Perhaps because of our French traditions of lovers of good food or of the never-ending gastronomy programs on TV, everyone knows that the kitchen in Quebec has always been and continues to be the place of cordial predilection where people like to gather and chat while cooking. People invest more and more in the kitchen renovation and now it is your turn.

Our website specialized in kitchen and bathroom renovation gives more details about our services of plan, design and renovation of kitchens in Montreal KITCHEN BATHROOM RENOVATION.CA

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. helps you with your kitchen renovation project whatever the style you wish: pastoral, rustic, contemporary modern, Victorian, traditional or other. Whether you already have the plans of your new kitchen and are ready to obtain a price or whether you require the assistance of an adviser and designer, you can count on us.

As expert in renovation we can suggest you a workshop of quality kitchen cupboards of a good price with fitters experienced in interior completion, or we can simply install the cupboards which you already ordered.


The stage of preparation of the kitchen renovation before the installation is very important. You certainly do not want that work of demolition lasts forever and deprive you of your kitchen for an unspecified duration. It is at this point in time that you want to do business with Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. which will take care of choosing for you the teams of confidence that respect the deadlines to be met for the

work all the while doing a work of quality and by preserving your quality of life keeping the premises clean during the work such as the addition or the removal of walls, windows, floor tiles, carrying beams allowing more open surfaces or other work of renovation.

A kitchen renovation project can include the installation of woodwork of completion, a granite counter, a counter of cement (i.e. a concrete countertop) or a countertop with ceramics, exclusive manufacture and the installation of a buffet bench or other elements will make your kitchen a cordial and pleasant environment to cook and meet. You can find these specialists in the team of Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. for kitchen renovation.

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