General contractor engineer for CONSTRUCTION AND RENOVATION projects IN MONTREAL!

Since 1989 Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. helps individuals, real-estate investors, promoters and general contractors with feasibility reports and field construction management for the construction and renovation of residential and commercial projects. For the individuals, first we will visit the sites and we make sketches, plans and estimates. Then, we manage the construction sites or we assist, supervise and help the general contractor that has been selected for the project. For more details, visit: WWW.EXPERTCONSTRUCTION.CA. Daniel Dargis P.Eng. general contractor WWW.DANIELDARGIS.COM helps selfbuilders, contractors, entrepreneurs and real-estate promotors investors, for the mounting of projects, do engineering and architectural plans plans and project management. A new department at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. offers internships, training and experience in business to enable students, graduates, and immigrant professionals get their first work experience in order to then find a job. For more information, visit: WWW.WORKEXPERIENCEINCANADA.COM. In Montreal and vicinity we are the experts in construction, renovation, engineering, architecture, design, practical on-the-job training and preparation for employment.
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Project management for condominiums

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We build residential wooden-frame projects and assemble modular remote camps, all the while ensuring the management of the building sites. Qualified workers carry out their trade under the direction of a certified company ... montreal construction


montreal renovation

We do turn-key renovation projects, including: customized design with sales quote, estimate of the project and carrying out of the work. We take care of the repairs, transformations and extensions to your home or store... montreal renovation

Plans, design, engineer, inspect.

construction services

We write a feasibility report (sketches, plans, and estimates) prior to investment assisting in financing and pre-sales. Then we manage the project and the construction site for you: private person, investor, promoter or general contractor... construction services

As regards construction and renovation in Montreal and surroundings, Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is an expert. Whether it is in renovation of bathrooms, basements, kitchens, roof repair, extension of houses or the construction of new houses or condos. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. brings together several contractors in renovation and construction in Montreal and surroundings. We help you, starting from your business plan through the financing all the way up to the management and the completion of the work.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. covers a broad territory in Montreal and surroundings such as: Laval, Blainville, Terrebonne, Mirabel, Saint-Jerôme, Kirkland and the West-Island, Saint-Hubert, Longueuil, Brossard, Boucherville, Beloeil, Repentigny, Châteauguay, Mercier and even Trois-Rivières.

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