Condo Construction and Dwellings

condo construction

You are a condo promoter or a group of condo investors wishing to carry out a project of several condos or rental dwellings. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. accompanies you in the realization of your project of condo construction from A to Z starting from the research of the land for the new building or buildings to be demolished for the rebuilding, while moving on to the feasibility study and the requests for authorization, the design of the plans and the turn-key condo construction project as well as the customer service and the management of the condo personalization for each purchasing customer.

Our website NEW HOUSE CONSTRUCTION.CA explains the services that we offer for the construction of: a one-family home, a townhouse, a condo building and revenue-producing dwellings. Whether you are an individual who wants a custom home or business people and investors seeking to build income-generating units or for resale, Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. takes care of the project from the search for land, through the mounting of the project, the design of the plans, the estimate, the composition of the file to request financing, and the turnkey construction. We also help self-builders in giving them advice and in overseeing the works.

We offer a unique program of guidance for condo buildings to business people and investors in four stages.

  1. Choice of the site for condo construction: If it is not already done we find for you the ideal site for the condo project. The advantage of calling upon us and what differentiates us from the real-estate agents is that our interest is not to perceive a commission on the sales and to let you then take care of the management of the profitability of the project yourself. On the contrary, we will advise you on the purchase price so that your project is viable, profitable and saleable.
  2. Analysis of feasibility: We know well all the budgetary and price stages that come after the purchase of the land for condo projects. Therefore, thanks to our recommendations before the purchase, you will increase your chances of performance of return on the investment (ROI).
  3. The project of condo construction: We propose several formulas of guidance to carry out the project of condo construction.
  4. The sale: Being a promoter of condo buildings, you want to then sell your units. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. intervenes in the sale of your condo projects on various levels as an advisor or even by referring to you customers who seek a condo.

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