Construction Business Center in Montreal Quebec Canada


The first Business Center in Montreal specialized in the construction industry in Quebec Canada. The Construction Business Center regroups and hosts enterprises, promoters, investors and professionals in the sector of construction, renovation, engineering, architecture, design, fabrication, installation, building inspection and real estate projects. CONSTRUCTIONBUSINESSCENTER.COM is the website that presents the services offered to entrepreneurs, contractors, construction professionals, immigrants investors in real estate and even to student interns in engineering, architecture, drafting, design and other construction specialities. The members of Business Center Montreal can use offices and conference rooms’ full time or part time, obtain help in marketing, publicity, sales, representation and as such, obtain more projects. The Business Center Montreal is located in a 750 000 sq.ft complex that regroups more than 70 enterprises, including the Chamber of Commerce of Montreal East and disposes of numerous parking places, all while being near highways, buses and metros.

The Business Center Montreal Construction presents itself through 3 websites that offer business office services, marketing, engineering and planning for real estate investors and a numerous real estate projects. The 3 websites are the following: EXPERTSINBUILDINGS.COM avec MONTREALCIE.COM et CANADA-VISA-BUSINESS.COM . More concretely, the Business Center Montreal Construction regroups enterprises such as:

  • General RBQ entrepreneurs in construction and renovation;
  • Specialized entrepreneurs in mounting frame, roof, green roof, electrical, and others;
  • Structural engineers, civil, building mechanics and electrical;
  • Architectural firms;
  • Land seller;
  • Real Estate promoters;
  • Suppliers of materials;
  • Web sites designers;
  • Sandblast cleaning and water pressure;
  • Interior and exterior cleaning of the building;
  • Staffing: engineers, technicians, drafters and construction workers;
  • Internship program in a company: engineers, technicians, drafters, designers and construction workers;
  • Training in an enterprise to develop professional skills through practice for: immigrants, engineers, technicians, drafters, designers, estimators and others.

The Business Center Montreal is more than just office rooms that you can rent or lend. It is a grouping of professionals who unite in order to benefit from marketing services and representation with the goal to obtain more contracts by helping each other under the direction of Mr. Daniel Dargis, engineer and company director for business development.



The entrepreneur or professional now has a foothold in Montreal with the help of Business Center Montreal Construction. Whether it is for a professional in Montreal who normally possesses his office in the residence or an enterprise from outside of Montreal who wishes to have a branch in Montreal, Business Center Montreal Construction offers many services, such as:

  • Mailbox;
  • Rooms to rent full time or part time or to share: offices, conference rooms, construction library, calculation rooms, plan and conception by computer;
  • Access to: entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, land providers, representatives in sales and marketing, web programmers;
  • Project references;
  • Big parking to receive visitors or for the entrepreneurs with trucks and equipment who are passing by Montreal to create a project from their new branch and office representation in Montreal Business Center Montreal Construction;
  • Feasibility study, estimation and creating projects such as: houses, commercial projects, daycares and others;
  • Land and buildings;
  • Assistance for immigrants who are investors in order to create an enterprise in Canada, obtain contracts and realize projects.

The Business Center Montreal Construction is the first in its kind in Quebec that goes above and beyond just offering offices and reception services. It’s like having an all-equipped office with full time or part time professional for a fraction of the price. This allows entrepreneurs and professional members of the Business Center Montreal Construction to concentrate on their activities and realize projects all while possessing a business place with a good image and plenty of resources at their offices. All this without having all the cost that is required for an enterprise who wishes to do all of this on its own.



The representatives of the companies who often come to Montreal to meet clients can now have a business place part time to meet their clients. Many enterprises well established in Ontario, like Toronto, have representatives who fly back and fourth, flu in and out of Montreal-Toronto in order to meet their clients in Montreal et to create projects. The all equipped business center of Business Center Montreal Construction allows business people to have meetings with their clients in shared offices that are all equipped, rather than passing their time walking from one place to another in Montreal with a suitcase, a computer and a projector. The representatives can now have better control, be better organized and worry-free in order to present their projects. Furthermore, after the meetings, a local administrative staff can receive follow-up calls and transmit them by mail. This gives a better image and allows for a better follow-up with the clientele.

Business Center Montreal Construction is a tool for enterprises coming from:

  • Toronto, Ottawa, Ontario and Ouest of Canada;
  • Quebec City, Trois-Rivières, Sherbrook, Joliette, Granby, Chicoutimi, St-Jérôme, Mont-Tremblant, Gatineau.

The Business Center Montreal Construction allows enterprises and real estate agents to present their services and real estate projects to their clients and investors in Montreal without having to move far from Montreal. This allows them to be close to their clients, on the spot. This avoids them from being limited to website and sending documentation by email when it comes to promotional tools.



5600 Hochelaga is a building with over 750,000 sq.ft. that groups more than 70 enterprises, to which the Chambers of Commerce of Montreal East is a neighbor of Business Center Montreal Construction. This synergy of enterprises gives space to numerous activities and meetings related to the domain of construction, renovation, engineering, architecture, design and other sectors of construction of real estate projects. The Business Center is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and has 5 conference rooms, many offices and workspaces.

The Business Center Montreal Construction is the business center by excellence for enterprises that wish to stand out from paying a fraction of a price on all-equipped offices with personnel that are available to do projects. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. manages the Business Center Montreal Construction and allows entrepreneurs, professionals, companies and immigrant investors to have a foothold in Montreal and in the East of Canada.

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