Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. was founded in 1989 by Mr Daniel Dargis, engineer. Mr Daniel Dargis has first worked as a carpenter’s apprentice for the family construction business and later on he became a master carpenter companion in Quebec. He simultaneously continued his engineering studies and graduated in 1985. After working for a few years as an engineer on various industrial sites he returned to the source to found his own construction company. Between 1989 and 1997 Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. purchased land and built new homes in the Trois-Rivières area, in Quebec. Later, between 1999 and 2006, the company has done residential renovations in the Montreal region. Between 2006 and 2009, Mr Daniel Dargis, Eng., managed residential and industrial projects in Alberta, Canada. Since 2009, while constantly expanding ever since, Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. has offered comprehensive services in the following seven sectors of business activity:

  • 1- Engineering: for individuals and entrepreneurs: wooden structure, steel and concrete calculations for: bearing walls, beams, columns, wall openings, inspection of the building structure, inspection before purchase and foundation problems, monitoring and management of construction projects for real-estate developers and assistance to auto-home builders;
  • 2- Architecture: comprehensive plans for the expansion of houses or the construction of new homes;
  • 3- Interior design: residential design for converting basements into bachelor’s, kitchen and bathroom design;
  • 4- Construction and renovation: Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. has all the RBQ licenses to develop any type of real-estate building project in Quebec, be it for renovation or for new residential or commercial buildings, and as an engineer to design and approve the plans. These projects can be small and large, such as: kitchen, bathroom or basement remodeling, house extensions or building new houses and even the construction of daycare centers or medical clinics.
  • 5- Business consulting: Mainly for foreign businessmen who want advice and a place of business in Quebec, Canada ;
  • 6- Training and business internships: Between 2013 and 2015 Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. has welcomed over 200 trainees from several schools in Quebec and immigrants already in Quebec in search of experience in business. This in the areas of: building engineering, architecture, building blueprints, interior design, sales and marketing and business development, corporate accounting and even computer graphics ;
  • 7- Project referrals for entrepreneurs: Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. receives a lot of requests for projects of all kinds through its business network, its range of services, its experience in marketing, its network of business contacts and its excellent reputation. All of this for the benefit of RBQ Quebec construction companies and construction professionals, partners of the Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. Group, by referring projects to them. It helps them to have a place of business in Montreal through its own



Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is more than a conventional construction and renovation company. What distinguishes the company is the innovative nature through which it offers unique and exceptional services. This is a group of engineering specialists, architects, designers and general and specialized RBQ contractors who assist individuals, real-estate owners, investors, business people and developers with their construction and renovation projects. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. also assists general contractors in their work which requires structural engineering plans for permit applications. The company also actively participates in training students, graduates, immigrant professionals and foreign businessmen through internships and practical training in companies and even in business as self-employment workers or to establish a business in Quebec, Canada.

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