For your custom-made home construction in Montreal and surroundings you can count on Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. Thinking of and browsing for “home construction” you will be looking for an experienced builder who can accompany you from A to Z in the realization of your home construction project. A contractor that you can trust, with a sense of ethics, responsible, knowing how to meet costs, deadlines and with a quality of execution. You will therefore have found Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. We even go beyond your expectations by providing the design of plans, proposals for energy saving and the search for land.


Each customer has tastes, budgets, expectations and different needs and Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. adjusts to these. It is possible that you want a contractor who will do the home construction project from A to Z or perhaps you prefer to participate in home construction out of simple interest or to save money. If you wish to participate as a self-builder or as an assistant it is possible to do so with us. Whether it is to help install the drain, or the assembly of the structure, the insulation, the floor covering, the installation of doors and windows or other. If, however, you would prefer that we take care of everything ourselves, we will carry out your home construction from A to Z. Whatever happens, we will keep you informed during the progress of the home construction work.

Before even thinking about seeking a plot of land or making plans, do not hesitate to contact us. We will assist you in finding land for your home construction and for the design of plans with our architects and modelers in Montreal and surroundings.


The energy saving aspect is increasingly important in home construction these days. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc., with his experts in insulating home construction, his architects and engineers, make proposals tailored to your budget. Therefore, from the design stage of the home construction plans and the choice of the terrain, we take care of making suggestions to you to make your home more economical and energy efficient. Energy-home construction is sometimes considered to be a greater investment but allows you to save greatly in the long run because your home is to last for more than a 100 years. Sometimes it suffices to find a different orientation for the house on the land and change the angles of sun exposure of the windows to get a lot more heat and thus make the house more efficient. Whatever it may be, by being accompanied by an expert in home construction you will put all the chances on your side to make your home more comfortable, energy-efficient and economical.


There are several stages in home construction. It is not easy to improvise oneself as a self-builder. Especially since it concerns a significant investment and even possibly the most important investment you will make in your life. Although you may have wanted to save money by putting yourself to work, you really want to be well supported and advised. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. not only offers you to take care of your home construction from A to Z but also to simply act as a consultant, as a coach or as your project manager to ensure you that as a self-builder you make the right decisions. But if it were only about making the right decisions that would be easy. One must also have good home construction techniques and knowledge of the Building Code. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. will accompany you to guide you, advise you and show you the techniques of home construction. We are one of the few companies to give so much flexibility for home construction.



What is meant by green home, ecological home, bioclimatic house, autonomous house, LEAD house? These terms are often used as a synonym for home construction for the purpose of:

  • respecting the environment:
    1. using materials to minimize carbon emissions;
    2. recovering rainwater or to recycle waste into compost;
  • Building in a way to make the home more energy efficient and ultimately even autonomous in terms of energy using different home construction techniques, exchange or “geothermal” heat transfer, architecture with angles of exposure to light or solar panel installations, wind mills or high performance ovens.

Under the direction of Mr. Daniel Dargis, engineer, Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. assists you in the design and home construction of a green house. Mr. Dargis Eng., is a member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec and attended proficiency courses in green energy in 2011.

Do not hesitate to contact us!