Construction of daycares in Montreal


Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is an expert in guidance leading you to the construction of daycare centres in Montreal and surroundings. We do much more than only renovate or build your daycare. We guide you in the design of your business plan, the financing, the search for a premise to be renovated or land to build on, the blueprints, the renovation and construction and even in the assistance with data-processing management. As regards daycare centres, with Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. you are in good hands.

Whether you are someone with experience who already owns a daycare or a beginner who seeks to find his/her way in the search for premises, in matters of financing, regulations, licences and authorizations, establishing a budget for the works etc..., we help you by informing you, referring the suitable experts with experience in the assembly of daycare centres to you and then we do the work.

Your business plan

The project of assembly of a daycare comprises several stages and it is necessary to be organized and to know how to orchestrate the whole undertaking according to your budget. Before even presenting yourself at your financial institution it is largely advised to have a business plan at hand. That shows your seriousness and your good organization. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. puts you in liaison with experts in finance and accountancy and with experience in setting up a daycare. Once your business plan has been elaborated it will be easier for you to find financing or a business partner who will put forward the necessary funds by seeing the good prospects well on the horizon.

The financing

In the business network of Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. there are financial institutions specialized in setting up daycare centres as well as private lenders able to make your project a reality. These are privileged contacts that Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. offers to the benefit of its customers. Daniel Dargis, engineer, meets you, listens briefly to your situation and recommends you to the right people who will put all the advantages at work to carry out your project of setting up a daycare centre.

The search for buildings or land to build on

It is not easy to find good buildings to rent that comply with all the conditions for a daycare or to locate land for the construction of a new daycare building. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. will also help you in this domain. Since we are in liaison with several researchers, owners and persons in charge of the organization of daycare centres, real-estate agents etc..., we know Montreal and its surroundings well and we can help you to find the ideal place.

The plans


The design of blueprints for a daycare requires not only knowledge of the National Building Code of Canada NBC but also a thorough knowledge of the governmental regulations in regard to daycare centres. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. has the expertise and the network of specialists at a reasonable price, such as: architects, model-makers, engineers and others. We put these experts at the service of our customers. Whether it is for a daycare in a family environment of 9 children or for a large daycare centre of 80 children.

The works

You have your blueprints at hand now. The moment has come now to move on to the prognosis and the renovation or the construction of your daycare centre. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. meets you and looks at all the options in order to offer you the best possible price. With your architect we make proposals to weigh the possibility of bringing price reductions to the work all the while respecting the standards. Deadlines are important to you. In many cases, you already rent the premise and that implies significant expenses. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. calls upon contractors with experience and trustworthiness who will complete the work so that you can start your daycare as soon as possible and generate revenue.


Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. puts you in touch with experts in daycare management who will help you to establish an information processing system specifically adapted to the management of daycare centres. These experts have already worked on the establishment of more than one hundred daycare centres in Montreal and its surroundings.

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