Internship Training Experience Montreal Quebec Canada towards Employment

Internship Training Networking Programs in order to get the initial practical experience in a company so the candidates are better prepared to find and get a job after.

Program of training internships inside a Canadian Construction Company based in Montreal, Quebec Canada. This brings the international candidates towards employment. For students, immigrants and professionals from all over the world.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. brings the experience that the job seekers are looking for in order to better get interviews and find employments.

An innovative internship training incubation program in a Canadian company in order to adquire the basic necessary experience the companies require and satisfy the employers in search of candidates with practical experience (1-12 months). It propels you towards the employment market in Canada or abroad.

Do not hesitate to visit the following websites: (for professionals in search of work experience)

with (business trip guide in Canada for professionals, business people and immigrant investors in Quebec Canada Québec, in order to startup a business in Canada, make contacts through Canadian business networking or simply in order to be better informed in order to prepare their future life or program study in Canada).
the head office receive the local Canadian projects and accompanies the candidates through training internships, networking, preparation to interviews for jobs and advise for the employment.

Certain conditions apply:
1) Succeed various interviews of motivation and selection ;
2) Pay the participation fees of $3500 plus taxes per month.

Tel. office in Montreal: 1-514-623-5564